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Join Us • To enjoy ten exclusive benefits

  • Franchising Conditions

    Operating location: Nuolixing is mainly based on the monopoly store model, complemented by first-grade shopping malls, to cut in terminals. The stores should be opened at local A or B-type business districts (street shops, commercial streets, shopping malls with concentrated traffic).。

  • Franchising Policy

    1. Agent mode: you open the store, and we provide the goods. Agents are required to pay deposits for goods and advance payment for props. 2. The company's engineering department provides free shop design plans, renderings, construction drawings; store props are uniformly supplied by the company.

  • Franchising process

    Expressing your intention to join us, examining the goods, shop image, prices, and the operation mode, signing the agency agreement, paying deposits for goods, assisting the agent with store decoration, training and other aspects, carrying out inspection and acceptance for operations, opening the store officially.

  • Talent advantage

    “Nuolixing”attracts all kinds of talents to join the company, to form an elite team with super fighting strength consisting of outstanding talents in various fields such as production, R&D, sale and management.

  • Service advantage

    “Nuolixing”adheres to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, and believes that cooperation is the way to a win-win situation. It is our pride to serve each and every franchisee. Our professionals are well prepared to provide full-time services before, during and after you join us as a franchisee, providing comprehensive guidance on brand image, product display, product production training, advertising and promotion, etc., to guarantee the warm nanny-style service.

  • Online sales

    Online goods are effectively distinguished from offline goods. In order to maintain the overall price image of the brand, the company does not sell goods at a low price; if the goods are not differentiated, the online price of the company is the same as that of the agent store.

  • Regional protection

    implements regional exclusive authorization based on the prefectures, cities, and counties divided according to the administrative regions of China.
    2. Each provincial capital city shall be operated exclusively according to the administrative districts, counties and cities under its jurisdiction.

  • ROI rate

    • The regular product supply discount is 55% off.
    2. For promotional products we implement the pricing model with a profit margin of less than 30%.
    3. The comprehensive profit margin is not less than 50%.
    4. Once the store is opened, we will immediately deliver the goods; the goods are deliverable in the middle of a season, and returnable at the end of the season

  • Price management

    Nuolixing implements a national uniform retail price, and agents are not allowed to mobilize retail prices without authorization. In addition to the company's unified promotion activities, large-scale promotional activities launched by agents need to be price-adjusted and must be approved in writing by the company.

  • Goods deposit

    • The deposit for the goods is a mortgage payment made by the agent, which is paid once at the time of the first order.
    2. Make money with peace of mind, and the goods deposit will be returned without interest at the expiration of the contract.