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What is the difference between matt bricks and antique bricks? What are the disadvantages of antique bricks?

What is the difference between matt bricks and antique bricks? What are the disadvantages of antique bricks?

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2018/06/06 15:15
What is the difference between matt bricks and antique bricks? What are the disadvantages of antique bricks?
What is the difference between matt bricks and antique bricks? The disadvantages of antique bricks? It can be said that a large part of antique bricks are matt bricks, that is, matt tiles. Antique brick refers to an antique retro effect of tiles, while matt bricks, that is, the surface of tiles are non-glossy. Below, look at the difference between matt bricks and antique bricks by the advantages and disadvantages of matt bricks and antique bricks.
First, matt brick
The decorative effect of matt bricks is more expressed in a naturalistic style and classicism. There is no polished brick, no luxury, no glazed luxury, high-quality experience, matte brick decoration is more of a calm, quiet atmosphere, a simple and elegant style without losing elegance. The antique style of the various styles it creates is favored by the public. It paves a quaint space with quaint matt tones, creating a beautiful realm where people can return to nature and calm. People in China have more expectations.
The advantages of matt brick
1. Matte brick, which is a matte tile, has a very low light reflection coefficient. The larger advantage is that it will not cause light pollution when it is used for decoration, and will not irritate people's eyes. Compared to polished bricks, matt tiles make the vision more comfortable, with a flat, simple feel.
2, matt bricks seem to be unreasonable, in fact, matt bricks are easier to maintain, do not worry about the tile surface is affected by the flowering and affecting the appearance. Among them, matt bricks are mostly glazed tiles, such as glazed antique bricks, with varied colors and rich shapes, complete specifications, and it is easier to express the uniqueness and decorative beauty of the tiles.
3. The matt glazed tile firing temperature is higher than that of the glossy brick, and it has no suction property. During the cleaning, there is no need to worry that the stain penetrates into the interior of the tile.
Shortcomings of matt brick
For those who like glossy decorations, it has no advantage. In addition, matt tiles are easier to wash without cleaning the tiles because they are not smooth.
Second, antique brick
The advantages of antique brick
1, there are series of skin, rock, wood and so on, it looks very similar, it can be described as fake, many of them are all-body bricks, not just on the glazed surface.
2, long durability, public occasions, large flow of people, high frequency of use, polished tiles 2-3 years almost dim and ugly, antique bricks and just paved stickers are still the same.
3, suitable for personalized decoration, the paving of antique bricks is originally personalized, according to the design of the color, can be personalized. The use of antique bricks abroad is far greater than that of polished tiles. It is almost impossible to polish this brick.
4, the antique brick surface is not smooth, the anti-slip property is particularly good. For slippery toilets and kitchens, don't worry about slipping.
5. Polished bricks are considered to be a large source of light pollution in foreign countries, while antique bricks are almost matt, and this problem does not exist. This is similar to the contrast between a clear glass bulb and a matte bulb.
6, anti-pollution problems, we are still an example of public places for example, no matter how good polished tiles, 2-3 years, the surface has been heavily smudged, almost 5 years or so, must be renovated and paved. There are almost no such problems with antique bricks. Anti-fouling and waterproof make the kitchen easier to clean, and it is easier to hide dirt in the kitchen, so dirty and easy to clean antique tiles are a good choice.
The kitchen is a dirty space that is easy to get at home. The excellent anti-fouling and waterproofness of the antique bricks makes the surface of the space less susceptible to contamination and facilitates the cleaning of dirt. At the same time, in the laying process, you can choose small-sized monochrome bricks, with a small number of hand-painted flowers as an embellishment, use the waist line as the color distinction, and show the style you want to the fullest.
7. From the water absorption rate, the antique bricks are originally porcelain glazed tiles. There is no difference between the porcelain base itself and the polished tiles. The difference is only the whiteness and the formula that can be thrown, so the water absorption rate of the green body can reach 0.1%. Left and right, there is no difference between the polished tiles, but the surface of the two bricks is completely different. The surface of the antique bricks will never absorb water (stain), and the polished tiles will be "tears."
8. There are many choices for paving. In the floor of the living room, according to their own needs, choose different paving methods and colors to achieve the desired ancient flavor; or you can use the bricks to divide the area to divide the different areas at a glance, so that the content of the space is more abundant. Visually form a spatial contrast. The antique brick not only retains the rustic and heavy ceramics, but also has the delicate moisturizing effect of porcelain. It has high abrasion resistance, comfortable and warm feet. In addition, its large features are rich in color, different in specifications, and many patterns in the paving. High-end consumers' favor.
9. Antique bricks have a unique classical rhyme, reflecting the vicissitudes of the years and the heavy history. The antique bricks create a nostalgic atmosphere through style, color and pattern. Suitable for creating a variety of decorative styles such as classical and pastoral.
Disadvantages of antique bricks
1. Since the polished brick is not protected by the glaze layer, its antifouling ability is slightly worse than that of the antique brick.
2, because the surface is a layer of glazed surface, it is not easy to do chamfering and other deep processing.
3, Mohs hardness is lower than polished tiles, that is, the hardness is not as hard as polished tiles.
4, the brightness is not as good as polished tiles.
5, the size is small.
Matte bricks are non-absorbent and easy to clean, making the vision more comfortable. This is the charm that polished tiles can't match, which is why people like it. I hope that the difference between the matt bricks and antique bricks shared by Xiaobian and the matt brick buying skills can help you.
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