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2018 ceramic tile industry development prospects

2018 ceramic tile industry development prospects

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2018/06/06 15:20
China's ceramic tile production has accounted for more than 60% of global ceramic tile production. The annual per capita ceramic tile output has exceeded 7 square meters


China's ceramic tile production has accounted for more than 60% of global ceramic tile production. The annual per capita ceramic tile output has exceeded 7 square meters, and the annual per capita consumption exceeds 6.5 square meters. These basic data are obviously in the "high position" in the world. In recent years, the characteristics of ceramic tile production have changed significantly. In 2004-2011, there have been double-digit growth for eight consecutive years. In 2012-2014, there has been a three-digit growth for three consecutive years. Near 2015 and 2016, there is zero growth. This year, from the data of the first three quarters, 2017 China's ceramic tile production is estimated to increase slightly, about 1-3%. In 2018, it was widely regarded by the economic community as a "small year" for Chinese real estate. Recently, it was reported that Beijing's second-hand housing fell for 8 months, and the transaction volume fell by 50%. "In 2018, real estate will usher in a historic change." In this context, it is estimated that China's ceramic tile production will fall by 5-10% in 2018.
In 2017, the results of the national product “National Pumping” (national quality sampling) have not yet been released. However, the quality of China's ceramic tile products has been continuously improved in recent years. With the improvement of consumption level, the awareness of brand consumption has increased, and the quality of ceramic tile products is The minimum requirement for consumption is also the basic guarantee for the manufacturer. Otherwise, there will be no industry status, market position, and no position in the minds of consumers. At present, the basic characteristics of the mature development of China's ceramic tile industry are the continuous improvement of the quality of ceramic tile products and the variety of colors and colors.
In 2016, China's ceramic tile exports fell in a cliff-like manner. In 2017, ceramic tile exports continued to fall. The main reasons were: China's ceramic enterprises expanded overseas and built factories everywhere; China's ceramic machinery equipment was exported in large quantities, equipped with foreign ceramic enterprises, which greatly increased overseas ceramic tile production. The competitiveness of the manufacturer; the anti-dumping of the Chinese ceramic tile continued in foreign countries; the RMB exchange rate is firm. In 2018, such a situation will not be substantially changed. Therefore, it is expected that China's ceramic tile exports will still fall by about 5% in 2018.
Domestic tile product marketing has also undergone great changes in recent years. It is expected that the proportion of ceramic tile sales in engineering, decoration, Internet home improvement, designer channels, platform sales, etc. will continue to increase in 2018, and the proportion of traditional dealer retail sales continues to decline. The corresponding concentration of ceramic tile sales brands has been continuously improved, which has also made the brand awareness of ceramic enterprises continue to strengthen, category strategy, marketing events, and everywhere “brands are everywhere”. In 2018, on the basis of traditional regional distributors, the tile system and the third-party implementation appeared in large numbers. The platform sales with some pre-sales and after-sales services were promoted in the low-end market. In general, the large-scale growth of hardcover rooms, self-contained, full-fit, and decoration packages will lead to changes in tile marketing.
Technological innovation and product innovation are an eternal theme. The distance between Chinese ceramic tiles and Italy and Spain is shrinking in terms of technology, equipment and products. In 2018, for China's ceramic tile industry, it is very likely that the ceramic slab broke out in a year. The imported equipment and the domestic use of traditional press molding methods compete on the same stage. The product style, in general, is now a blend of things, the so-called "Europe is east, China is westward." In 2018, modern antique bricks and marble tiles will become the two largest categories in the industry. Under the background of several years of decline in the total number of tiles, with the introduction of a variety of new products, there will be a small rebound.
Environmental protection, 2018 is still a sword hanging on the ceramic industry. Recently, the Central Economic Work Conference will fight pollution prevention and win the blue sky defense war, as one of the three major battles in the three years from 2018 to 2020. That is to say, in the next three years, the national government may be more demanding on environmental protection. The local government should not be right-handed. Private ceramic enterprises must play a 12-point spirit in environmental protection, otherwise there will be no way to go.
The situation in the ceramic tile industry in 2018 will not be too bad, nor will it be too good. Only you are doing too badly or doing well.
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